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Dirty Loft.

The name Dirty Loft you must know that it was born 7 years ago when in 2015 we opened our small shop in the province of Bologna, with the idea of selling customized clothing in our laboratory which is located a few kilometers away.

It was a small shop of about fifty meters, furnished with recycled materials reworked and adapted to the context of a shop.

All the works were carried out by us with the fundamental help of some friends whom we still thank today, they had made a masterpiece! Considering the layout of the shop, how it was furnished and with what, it was easy to come up with a name that recalled the industrial style a little and so it was.

After the birth of our first child, the organization of the shop was complicated but "feasible", after the birth of our second child, which took place 2 years later, the first problems began. I (Francesco) in the laboratory busy all day unfortunately I could not even divide myself with the shop, which up to that moment Katia was in charge of.

For a while I tried to divide myself between laboratory and shop in the hope that Katia would return to her work as soon as possible but I realized that I was doing both things wrong instead of doing at least one of them well!

We weren't organized and so we decided to take a little break at least until the girls went to kindergarten.

When we thought we could leave here came the pandemic, too many expenses and no income to be able to start again, I am honest I was disheartened and from that moment on I think I understood that I no longer have the strength to start again with the same enthusiasm.

So I started studying a way on how we could change our work in a context like today, I thought that we were not lacking creativity, machinery and experience to create original T-shirts, I talked to Katia and we decided to start this new adventure.

For some years we had been studying a product that would be dedicated to the whole family but we have never been able to develop it as we wanted, this was the right opportunity

Keeping the name Dirty Loft was simple, the space we cut out in our laboratory for this project is just an open space loft full of dust (for now!) ... a better name could not have been!

Today with Dirty Loft we offer T-shirts, later also sweatshirts and other items, to wear with the whole family on special occasions such as anniversaries or photo shoots, but also every day simply when you take your children to school or kindergarten for example, we do it daily and I assure you that it gets the day off to a good start! 



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